Request Inspections

Real Estate and Closing Agents:
Thank you for using our service to schedule your Wood Destroying Insect/ Organism Inspection.
  • It is our intention to schedule your service within one business hour of your request.
    • We must have payment to start your request.
    • Provide as much information about the inspection and closing so that our operator may perform the best service possible. The form below will help guide you with the right information and expedite the scheduling with the proper pest professional. 
  • The majority of inspection requests are for detached single family residential inspections and are therefore a flat fee, but if you have a multi-unit property, commercial property, etc, please fill out the inspection information, and use the 'PAYNOW' button to 'authorize' your intent to pay for the services. We will get a local pest professional to quote the inspection service price and confirm that price with you before processing your payment.
  • Don't have access to a computer all the time:
    • FAX. You may also fax the inspection information to:
      • 888-myfaxpest  (888-693-2973) or 
      • 877-myfaxpest (877-693-2973)
    • Email your inspection requests to
    • Don't send your payment information by fax. You will receive a response email with a secure payment link. 
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